Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DahMakan Review #1

I've been searching high and low for "healthy lunchbox" meals AND one that actually delivers my meal right at my doorstep. Yeah, sure, there are tons of them out there but alas, none of them delivers to my office or even to my house. Even if they do, the delivery charges were a tad bit too expensive for me (coz I'm kiamsiap like that )

And then one day, jeng jeng jeng, DahMakan announced that they have extended their delivery coverage area and super awesome news for me, both my office and house area is covered now! *Woot! Woots!*

I've ordered with them a few times before this review, so that should tell you that I'm pretty much satisfied with their quality and service. Here's what I've ordered the past week:

Tuesday (1 December 2015):

* forgive me for my poor photography skills,will try to get a better shot next time

Meal options for today: 
1) Christmas Special Beef Ragu with Baked Polenta & Roast Vegetables (left)
2) Oven Baked "Fried" Chicken with Homemade Slaw and Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (right)

I was feeling super kiasu today, so I ordered both options from their menu today. And no, I did not eat them both in one go, I kept the other for the following day's lunch...

1) Christmas Special Beef Ragu with Baked Polenta & Roast Vegetable
     This particular meal would probably be available for this Christmas season, so I couldn't resist in having a go for this one first....and I must say, I can't get enough of the baked polenta (although I must admit I had no idea what a polenta was in the first place...lol). I was half expecting it to be all soggy or rock hard but I was proven to be wrong....it had the right texture. Next, the beef was tender and all meat, with no fat in sight and the gravy that came along with it was oh so yummylicious!! Would I order this again? DEFINTELY!!

2) Oven Baked "Fried" Chicken with Homemade Slaw and Pumpkin Mac & Cheese
     The chicken was a tad bit tough and the macaroni was quite dry to my liking. I had to add on a dash of tabasco sauce coz I felt I just needed a little bit of spice in my food. If you know me well enough, you would know I simply MUST MUST MUST have chilli/spice in my food. Otherwise, this meal was just so-so. Not particularly bad but that's just me not being able to have my dose of spice  :p

What I simply love about their menu is that their food is that they deliver for both lunch AND dinner!! You can be assured of healthy meals and it's all free from MSG!! I couldn't ask for more!!
But I have to admit, it may be quite pricey with meals anywhere ranging from RM17 - RM24. But for the sake of healthy and MSG free food, I don't mind forking out that bit of money out.

I'll try to upload more reviews in the coming days...so stay tuned!!

Wanna order? Head on over to DahMakan's website to see what's available for day/week..
Delivery coverage area: Click here to see if you're area is covered and if delivery charges/minimum orders apply

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