Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 is approaching reaaaallllllyyyy soon and what other way to welcome the new year with some New Year's resolution...and this list is definitely one I have to keep to unless I wanna dig a deeper hole for myself (yeah...I know I'm making it sound dark and morbid) So here goes... MY resolutions for 2017:

1) Be debt free!! - In my defense these debts are not due to self indulgence but more because of my house renovations and furnitures :'( 

2) Eat more of home cooked food and less of processed and "instant" foods 
3) Adhere to my "strict" beauty regiment 
4) Be more productive at work 
5) Be more organized at home! Now that I have my own house, I can't really have the "tidak apa" attitude 
6) Exercise more

 I think that should be enough for now. No point in coming out with 60 resolutions and not being to keep to any of it. Let's see how these 6 go halfway through the year later!!

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