Saturday, February 8, 2014

Training for Kinabalu Hike 2 - Chiling Waterfalls, KKB

Since I was whining how much I suffered from the Gunung Lambak hike, my uncle decided to take it really easy on me this time. He suggested that we try hiking to Chiling Waterfalls. Although he did mention that this hike will not help me much to prepare for my hike for Gunung Kinabalu, but at least it'll help build my stamina a little.

My uncle said that some river crossing WILL be needed. By crossing rivers, he didn't mean jumping/hopping across rocks to get to the other side. One would actually need to wade across the river to get to the other side. So like it or not, you will definitely get wet!! Please be sure to wear the appropriate attire and shoes/sandals for this trail - the "Kampung Adidas" shoes should be good enough for this hike. At the same time, allows me to test the durability of the shoes for the Kinabalu hike. I got my pair of Kampung Adidas from Mr. DIY for less than RM 10.

We reached the Sg Chiling Fish Sanctuary entrance at about 10am and so our hike begins! The start of the trail is marked with a so-called suspension bridge.
The suspension bridge

The trail after this bridge is relatively narrow but still easy to follow. Then came the exciting part of the trail, crossing the river! This is where your "Kampung Adidas" will come in handy. Depending on the weather conditions, the water levels may vary. At the time of my hike, for the first few streams we crossed, the water levels came up to just below my knees. I think the 3rd or the 4th stream had been the deepest...the water was up to just below my hips!! A hiking pole might come in handy for 2 reasons. One - to give you a better balance since the currents can be quite strong and second, allows you to gauge how deep the river bed might be.

When you do step into the gushing waters, you will know why they call it Sungai Chiling coz the water is so freaking chilling to the bones!! Bbbbrrrrr....

After 45 minutes, we finally reached the main waterfall.
The main waterfall

Me posing with the waterfall in the background!

We didn't mind that we couldn't have a dip in the pool, although I won't deny that I wish I could. It was just too crowded that day. I was just glad that I could make the hike rather easily and no pain!!

This hike definitely perked up my confidence for a more challenging hike. Let's see what my uncle has in store for me next...   :D

Opening Hours & Admission Fee:

Opens from 8am - 6pm (only on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays) - and yes, it is closed on public holidays

*Admisson fee of RM 1.00 per person

*correct at time of writing

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