Saturday, February 1, 2014

Training for Kinabalu Hike - Gunung Lambak

With my hike to Kinabalu drawing near, I'm already prepping myself for the hike. Early January, I began a 20 minute workout with an incline on the treadmill, then there's the climb up the 9 stair-climb to my apartment. I thought that this should be enough for a start to build my endurance. Boy, was I wrong!!

Since I was back in my hometown with nothing much to do for the CNY break, and with my uncle constantly pestering me to actually go on a few hikes so he could assess my endurance level, I decided to give Gunung Lambak a try. I mean, it's just Gunung Lambak after all. If I can't manage a "small" mountain, how the heck am I going to conquer Gunung Kinabalu, right?

** FYI, Gunung Lambak is located in Kluang, Johor. The trail from the foothill to the summit is roughly 1400m. The summit is about 510m above sea level. You will know you've reached the summit when you see the transmitter mast (now defunct). One does not need a permit to climb the mountain**

I almost couldn't find the place as the place had change drastically. The last I was here, which was like almost 14 years ago, the land was barren!! Back then, all you would see is the red laterite ground. Now, there's chalets, a small water park, concrete trails, etc etc. I couldn't even find the start of the trail *cries*.
I found my way anyhoo, just follow the crowd and voila!, found myself at the trail.

Damn semangat OK at first. Sure, there was the occasional climb on a gradual incline. Easy-peasy. After 1/2 hour, I was greeted by a really steep incline (at least it seemed so to me). It was at this point, even hiking up for just a mere 50m, I needed to stop and rest a while. Almost had second thoughts on continuing and also hiking Kinabalu altogether. I was already feeling worn out already. But bunch of guys not too far in front of me were also taking breaks every now and then. And one of them puked really bad - think Exorcist....except he didn't stop at one, he made a few. So I was like if they can persevere, then so can I. Made small chit-chat with them and found out that they too were gonna hike Kinabalu, so Lambak is the closest they could do with for training.

After what seemed like ages, I finally reached the peak and saw the transmitter mast. Damn relieved ok to see that tower. I guess I did OK for a beginner, took me about 1 1/2 hours to reach the top. Rested for a while before beginning the journey back down. As they say, going down is easier than going up. Reached back at the foothill about 45 minutes later. 

And when I got home, only then did the muscle soreness in my thighs kick in. I dread having to walk down stairs, my thighs ache oh-so-much. Darn, this is only from climbing Gunung Lambak!! I could only expect worse from the aftermath of Gunung Kinabalu

p/s: Apologies for not including any photos, was too busy trying to catch my breath every now and then..will try the next time if I do climb up Gunung Lambak again

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