Friday, November 8, 2013

Rockin' It Out

I gave my clients a 'lil (unintentional) entertainment earlier this week. I just got my new urBeats earphones and couldn't help but blare the music from my Iphone at max volume. So was into the music was I that I had been doing the air guitar and head banging to the music...

I must have went through a few songs when suddenly I realized I had an "audience" in front of me. Almost everyone was amused (in a good way) with my antics....I sure as hell hope I wasn't singing out loud too...thankfully these are one of the very rare "understanding" kind of clients...others would probably scowl.

It's just that I somehow seem to work better when I'm listening to Rock music, particularly when under a lot of stress. But sometimes, I get so immersed with the music that I start to play on my imaginary guitar (and maybe start singing along..)

Rocked to:
November Rain - Guns 'n Roses
The Final Countdown - Europe
Hotel California - Eagles
Wind of Change - Scorpions
Give In To Me - Michael Jackson
I Hate Myself for Lovin' You - Joan Jett  --> I caught myself singing this one out loud  XD

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