Friday, November 1, 2013

My Bucketlist...

Now that I am finally able to lead a normal social life (no more working shifts), I'm gonna make it a point to fulfill my bucketlist..

Let's see how many I can cross off my list!! *woots*

1.   Hike Gunung Kinabalu   *accomplished!!*  
2.   White-water rafting   *accomplished!!*
3.   Play Laser-tag
4.   Attend a rock concert
5.   Visit Amsterdam
6.   Visit UK   *accomplished!!*
7.   Visit Italy
8.   Visit Paris
9.   Visit Santorini
10. Attempt ice-skating (again)
11. Cuddle a live koala bear
12. Ride in a Sports car
13. Attempt snow skiing
14. Attempt Go-Karting
15. See the Northern Lights with my own eyes
16. Dye hair blue!!  *accomplished!!*
17. Learn cursive writing

Looks like I really got to work hard to accomplish these items soon....
Wish me luck!!

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